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ve rejoiced to hear” “So▓ many! There were more, then, to mour●n me dead, than to love me livi●ng But forgive me,” he continued, le▓ss bitterly; “Your family would have been my● friends, and therefore was it I wrote to tell● you that I lived.” “But

wa▓s there not one, Reginald, who deserved a▓n earlier notice at your hands● why leave her so long to mourn you as dead, a●nd then to learn such joyful tidin●gs from others than yourself The tie▓s of early youth, of f

ond associatio▓ns, I should have thought sufficient▓ of themselves alone to prevent such wrong.●” Reg

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inald’s very lip grew white as● he replied, “Was not her husband t▓he fittest person to give Lady S▓t.Clair such tidings” “Her hu▓sband, Reginald You speak enigmas.” “H●ow!” gasped the young man, as● he laid his cold and trembling hand on his comp▓anion’s arm.“Is not Annie ▓Grey your wife” “No!” replied Lor●d St.Clair, the peculiar ex▓pression clouding his noble countenanc▓e for the moment passing unnoticed;● “her heart was with the dead!〃埍 Reginald De Vere struggle▓d w

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